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“Received my new A440 chanter and am delighted with it. I've been practicing with our symphony orchestra and we sound great! Thanks!!”

- Doug

“MacHarg pipe bags are the greatest”

-Ryan Willey

“The reed works great! The fact that it works would have been enough, but it works great! You have saved me from giving up on my small pipes! Thanks again for a reed well done!”

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Mac Harg Pipebags
Michael has been in the business of making pipe bags for nearly 40 years. It is one of his specialties. He makes bags for a great variety of bagpipes. The MAC HARG pipebags are made of the finest cowhide available, all hand riveted or machine sewn. High quality workmanship. Specify straight or swan neck. Custom sizes are available

Standard Uilleann pipe bag

(11.5 x 26.5") or (29 x 67.5 cm ) Our Uilleann pipe bags are available in many sizes and designs.

above: Scottish Lowland or Border pipe bag
below: Scottish smallpipe bag

The Northumbrian bag is a smaller version of the Scottish smallpipe bag. These are for bellows blown pipes. Various dimensions are available.

Scottish Highland pipe bag with zipper

3 neck styles available
(machine sewn swan neck, riveted swan neck, or straight neck)

Regular (9.5 X 26.5 In.)
Large (10.5 X 28 In.)
Extra Large (11.5 X 28.5 In.)
Extra Large (13.5 X 27 In.)
Extra Large Special (13.5 X 29.5 In.)

Custom sizes also available. Please inquire.

Scottish Highland pipe bags

machine sewn construction
Scottish Highland pipe bags

riveted construction

Traditional Gaita pipebag

custom sizes available
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